Change is the one thing that can be counted on in life. Sometimes, change can be difficult, even when it is a positive change, especially when many other changes are taking place within a relatively short period of time. Coping resources can become depleted and the stress that results can also take a toll on physical health. During these times, therapy can be a place to come that’s safe; where reflections, fears, and confusion never leave the room; and where you can be the focus of a thoughtful person, who is listening, caring and helping to make sense of life’s chaos.


Life changes and events that individuals commonly seek support for include:

  • Stress related to job
  • Phase of life changes
  • Grief due to death, separation, or divorce
  • Chronic or terminal illness
  • Major life transitions such as empty nest, retirement, job or career change, or relocation


Relationship Conflicts: Marital, Family, and Pre-Marital

Conflict is inevitable in relationships. Many times, unresolved conflicts are the result of personality differences and/or variations in values, background, and experiences. Sometimes, they become difficult to resolve because of the intense emotion or frustration that builds over time when a resolution has yet to occur. An unbiased “mediator” can be an invaluable asset when couples or families get stuck. An understanding of these differences beforehand (pre-marital help) can add a preventative measure to a couple’s relationship. However, sometimes an individual’s problem within the relationship can make pre-marital and marital work futile, especially if the individual’s problem remains unresolved such as in the case of an addiction.  A therapist can also help to identify these individual issues and thereby, avoid the frustration of a lack of progress in marital therapy.