We need a minimum of 6 participants to start a group. You will be contacted when a social skills group is about to begin for your child’s age group.

If you have not been contacted about a group starting, that means we still have an an insufficient number of pre-registrants in your child’s age-group. You will be contacted only if a new class will be starting that is the appropriate age-group for your child.

Pre-registered individuals remain on the list until enrollment into a group has been achieved. You only need to “refresh” the pre-registration form if your child has not yet been enrolled in a group previously and he or she has moved into a new age bracket, or if  he or she has already participated in a program since the initial pre-registration (in which case, he or she has been removed from the list) and you would like them to participate again in a future group.

A maximum of two groups run each term: Fall term (starting in September), Winter/Spring term (starting in February), and Summer term (starting in June or July).